《Children’s Illustrated History Atlas》DK精品绘本

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今天分享的资源是DK出品的绘本:《Children's Illustrated History Atlas 2018》。绘本适合7~9岁的英语母语少儿阅读,建议词汇量在3000以上的少儿作为课外读物。

只看绘本怎么够,想要孩子英语尽快提高,还需要专业的老师来引导授课。来阿卡索即可免费领取价值300元的少儿英语课程:https://www.acadsoc.com.cn/lps/lp4_pcB.htm?search=1747069 在线外教一对一,原汁原味的英语发音,让学员更快的融入到学习当中,更快的接受新的知识,课程可录制,上课过程互动很多,小孩子都喜欢~ 现在使用百度钱包分期付款,还可享受6期免息哦!


Learn about incredible world history in this first-ever history atlas for children ages 7-9.

Young history buffs will love this time-traveling adventure! This beautiful history atlas helps children learn about world history, all the way from the first humans leaving Africa right up to how the world looks now, with a modern world map. Journey around the world as you learn its history, with maps showing everything from the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China to the when and how of the Civil War.

This amazing illustrated atlas brings history to life. It is packed with more than 40 colorful historical maps and fascinating nuggets of information about our past. Children are shown how to read a map and how to use a key, compass, and scale. Each map is bursting with information, such as how big the Roman Empire was, how explorers made incredible journeys around the world, and when humans first traveled into space.







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